boru taşımaları

Pipe Transport

Eksper, being the first organizer of full trains with TCDD wagons to Europe provided a great opportunity for the pipe exports from Turkey and transported 6500 pipe wagons in 5 years. Having organized the pipe loads of biggest steel pipe companies in Turkey, Eksper is the guarantee of your pipes to be transported on time, secured and in the best way.

demir .elik taşımaları

Steel Transport

Eksper is giving a cheap and secured service to the leading companies of Turkey in automotive, transportation, construction and energy sectors with the wide-range railcar portfolio which provides capability of transporting longer and heavier steel goods.

dökme yükler

Bulk Loads

Eksper is organizing the majority amount of Turkey’s export in mine business to Europe.

blok tren taşımaları

Full Trains

Eksper is transporting CKDs continiously for 12 years to the production line of Turkey’s leading automotive company with its regular weekly full trains.

akaryakıt ve kimyasal taşımaları

Liquid Chemicals

Either with the Eksper-owned tank wagons or with the wagons rented from European suppliers, we’re organizing transports of liquid chemicals in European standarts, in a safe, secured and economic way.

proje taşımaları

Project Transportation

We are proud of completing succesfully a lot of railway projects, where one is the transportation of first speed train set of Turkish Republic from Spain to Turkey.

münferit vagon taşımaları

Single Wagons

Single wagons from Turkey to any terminal in Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq and from any terminal from Europe to Turkey is organized.

vagon kiralama

Wagon Supply

We’re finding the best match railway car for your load, and supply it either by buying or renting, and also organize the transportation with these equipments.